Best Yoga or Exercise for a Pregnant Lady

Yoga is one of the best treatment for any kind of disease, either physical or mental Yoga is always there to help you out.

Pregnancy is one of the best feeling a woman can have in her whole life.

Caution: Yoga is never harmful until done wrong. So please try to avoid tasks/exercise  which pressurize your stomach.

Here are some exclusive Yoga tips for you to do in your pregnancy days to not harm your Baby and still keep your health perfect for a good delivery and healthy baby.

1) Pranayama or Breathing – This is a very easy but effective method of keeping your body healthy.

Warning: Do not breathe highly as it might harm you or your baby so never ever try to breath so much fast or avoid such things which makes increase your breathing  speed.

Let’s start with Breathing or Pranayama

A healthy Breathing gives your body energy and power to fight against harmful bacteria’s. During pregnancy period you need to take extra care of your body as your baby is completely breathing after your breath.

The best free resource to get healthy breathing is nature itself, here is what you can do to get fresh air.

I)                   Wake up early in the morning at 5 AM; it’s the best time to get pure oxygen as there is no pollution because of vehicles.

II)                 Go to the top of your roof.

III)              Relax your body and sit in normal position

IV)              Close your eyes.

V)                Put your hands on your foot.

VI)              Close right nose with right hand and breathe from the left nose.

VII)           Now hold the breath for 10 to 15 seconds.

VIII)         Keep holding the breathe and open right nose after closing left nose

IX)              Exhale the breath from the right nose.

X)                Now reverse the process

XI)              Keep holding left nose

XII)           Breathe from the right nose

XIII)         Hold the breathe

XIV)        Close right nose and exhale from the left nose

This is called Anulom Vilom yoga and is very useful during the pregnancy to protect your baby. One of the best thing about Anulom vilom is that it saves your body from the after pregnancy rashes on your stomach.

Means if you practice yoga for 15 to 30 minutes a day during the pregnancy period than you can be rest assured that after pregnancy rashes will not become visible on your stomach.

Best place for yoga in the Chittorgarh city is your home itself. Otherwise else if you like jogging you can go to the nearby garden like Nehru garden in the Chittorgarh city (Rajasthan) and practice the yoga in the garden.

One of the most important thing you need to take care is not to sleep right after eating food. MEANS don’t sleep after the lunch, instead go and walk on your top of the roof for 10-15 minutes, it will increase the digestion process and make it easy for the food to get digest.

Thank You.

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